Requirements for Releasing Property - Deceased Owner

We Need ONE of the following Executor Documents:

  1. * Notarized “COLLECTION OF PROPERTY BY AFFIDAVIT PURSUANT TO 15-12-1201, C.R.S. or other qualifying probate document authorizing beneficiary/executor of the Estate.
  2. Estate Document (Will or Trust) stating named beneficiary/executor
  3. If Court Appointed Successor has been designated, they must provide Collection of Personal Property by Affidavit pursuant to C.R.S. 15-12-1201 listing the appointed Successor and the name of the Decedent.
  4. If executor is designating another claimant, we will need a Power of Attorney signed by executor, along with one of the above supporting executor documents listing name of executor.

Instructions for obtaining a. above:

  1. Court Website:
    • The website has many resources for individuals navigating the estate process
  2. Click on “Self Help/Forms”
  3. Choose a category: “All Court Forms and Instructions”
  4. Choose: “Trusts, Estates, Wills” category
  5. Choose: “Trusts, Estates, Wills” category
    1. New Case
    2. Choose: “Trusts, Estates, Wills” category

The form is available in various formats and instructions are on the site. We can also email/print the form for the citizen. Out-of-State claimants can obtain the form online and have notarized in their state!

AND ALL of the following

  1. Original Death Certificate or Deferred Death Certification from the El Paso County Office of Vital Statistics. Website:
    • We can accept a notarized copy.
    • This document must be attached to filed probate documents also.
  2. Valid Photo ID
  3. Other Proof of Ownership may be required (ex. vehicles, firearms, etc). The Evidence/Impound units will inform you of any additional requirements.
El Paso County Combined Courts
Phone: (719) 452-5000, Option 5 for Probate, then Option 1 for Executorship
Address: 270 S. Tejon, Room 101