Auction Vehicles

After the legally required holding period, unclaimed vehicles meeting the criteria for disposal are auctioned per state and local laws and regulations. Unclaimed vehicles are either auctioned through, or sold as scrap pursuant to state and local laws and regulations.

All vehicles listed on our website towed and impounded by the Colorado Springs Police Department or Neighborhood Services (Abandoned Vehicles) show the date they will be auctioned if they are not claimed by the legal owner/representative. These dates are real-time and serve as the “notice of auction date”, in addition to the letter mailed to the last known address (as recorded in state vehicle databases) of the registered owner and/or lienholder as required by municipal ordinance.

Once a vehicle is offered for auction, it is no longer subject to claim by an owner/interested party.

If you have a vehicle at impound that is sold at auction, you are not responsible for any fees from the impoundment of that vehicle.