Impound Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Tow

Why was my vehicle impounded?

See Colorado Springs Municipal Code 10.25.101, Authority to Impound Vehicles. Some common reasons include:

  • Traffic accident where owner is transported to the hospital, leaving the vehicle unattended
  • Disabled vehicles causing traffic hazards
  • Illegal parking
  • A vehicle is left parked in the same place upon a street, highway or alley continuously for a period of 72 hours. Vehicles not moved within 72 hours are considered abandoned. This is often the result of a neighborhood complaint.
  • The driver of the vehicle is taken into custody by the Police Department and the vehicle would be left unattended.
  • The driver of the vehicle is reasonably suspected of using license plates or a license permit unlawfully, misusing the license plates or license permit issued to the driver, or a vehicle is driven or parked upon a street, highway or alley without proper license plates or license permit, or driven or parked with an invalid or expired license permit.
  • The vehicle is involved in a criminal investigation. In this instance, it may be held as “evidence” for an extended period of time.

How much will it cost?

Each vehicle will be assessed a “Tow Fee” and “Impound Fee”, as well as possible “Storage Fees” depending on the time it is there, and reason for the impound. Please use the “Search for My Vehicle” button to enter your vehicle information and see current fees. Fees must be paid in full at the time of pickup.

  • “Tow Fees” vary and are determined by Ordinance of the City Council of Colorado Springs and the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Maximum hourly rates are set by the PUC for tow truck and driver, and are billable in ¼ hour increments after the first hour.
  • The Impound charges a one-time “Impound Fee” for every vehicle impounded.
  • Daily Storage Fees accrue each day the vehicle is in impound (excludes weekends, City holidays, and any other day the impound is closed).

EVIDENCE HOLDS:Daily storage fees are not assessed while a vehicle in on police HOLD.

VICTIM NOTE:Fees may be waived for stolen and/or victim vehicles. Contact Impound directly for more information.

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept credit cards (MasterCard or Visa ONLY) and cash. We do not accept personal checks.

I was pulled over by Fountain PD/El Paso County Sheriff’s/State Patrol, do you have my vehicle?

No. The Colorado Springs Police Department Impound Facility has vehicles impounded by the Colorado Springs Police Department only. Unless the vehicle was part of an outside agency assist, you will need to contact the agency where the stop/tow occurred.

Fountain PD: 719-385-8555

El Paso County Sheriff Dispatch: 719-390-5555

Colorado State Patrol Dispatch: 719-544-2424

What if I’m not a licensed driver?

You will need to bring a licensed driver with you to drive your vehicle out. The owner of the vehicle must still present current registration, insurance and valid identification. You must also bring a licensed driver to drive the vehicle you arrived in. You may also have the vehicle towed out instead.

Someone borrowed my car and got it impounded. Am I responsible for fees?

Yes. You are responsible for your vehicle and all fees incurred by the actions of those with access to your vehicle. If your vehicle was stolen, you need to immediately report the motor vehicle theft to the police at 444-7000. You may be responsible for fees even if you have a valid motor vehicle theft case number if you waited to report your stolen vehicle.

I was told my vehicle was on Hold, what do I do?

If your vehicle is being held for evidence by the Colorado Springs Police Department, you will need to contact the officer responsible for the hold. If your vehicle is being held for evidence by the District Attorney’s Office, you will either need to wait until the disposition of the case, or contact the District Attorney’s Office to inquire about the status of your vehicle. You can contact the Impound Facility to determine what agency is holding the vehicle.

If your vehicle is on hold, you cannot view, remove property, or claim your vehicle until the hold is released by all holding agencies. The Impound Facility must receive all proper paperwork regarding property or vehicle releases directly from the holding agency. You may not necessarily claim your vehicle immediately after a court decision since additional research must be completed before the release, and there may be additional holding agencies.

All hold releases must be received in writing from the holding agency. Verbal or telephonic releases will not be accepted. Evidence releases or Court orders brought in by vehicle owners require verification before any release is processed.

I feel my vehicle was towed illegally and/or I want to contest the fees. What can I do?

If you would like to dispute the legality of your tow or your fees, you have the right to a Post-Tow hearing in Municipal Court. Bring your current registration or title and file a written request in person at the Colorado Springs Municipal Court, 224 E. Kiowa St. Room 108, within 10 days of the date you received notice that your vehicle was impounded. This does not apply to any vehicle towed for evidence pending further investigation. Failure to submit a timely request or to attend a scheduled hearing shall be deemed a waiver of the right to such a hearing.

What happens if I do not retrieve my vehicle?

Per CRS 10.25.106, if after 30 days no claim of ownership or right to possession has been made, the vehicle may be sold at auction. You will not owe any fees if you do not claim the vehicle.

Vehicle and Property Releases

Can someone other than the owner claim the vehicle?

Yes. You may assign a designated agent to claim your vehicle by doing ONE of the following:

  • Come to the Impound Facility with current registration OR original title and your driver’s license to sign your vehicle over to a designated agent (or insurance company, tow company, etc).
  • A power of attorney OR notarized statement OR other executorship documents giving them permission to remove the vehicle from the Impound facility, or sign it over to a PUC licensed tow company. Authorized agents must still present all required vehicle ownership paperwork.
  • Email and include the following:
    • Current registration or title (front and back).
    • Photo ID / DL (front and back)
    • Statement indicating NAME of designated agent you are releasing it to (person, insurance company, tow company, etc)

Vehicles registered in a business name can be released with documentation that authorizes the individual claiming the vehicle (notarized statement on letterhead giving permission for individual to obtain vehicle OR current business listing with the Secretary of State showing authorized agent).

What will I need to drive my vehicle out?

Owner must present ownership paperwork including:

  • Valid current vehicle registration
  • Valid current vehicle insurance
  • Valid current vehicle driver’s license

What will I need to tow my vehicle out?

Owner must present ownership paperwork:

  • Valid current vehicle registration OR
  • Valid current title in owner’s name.
  • Secure and Verifiable ID (see Forms above)

Owner or agent must arrange for a PUC licensed tow company to tow the vehicle from the Impound facility. The tow company must be on-site at the Impound facility before 4:00 PM to tow the vehicle that same day. If the tow company does not arrive by 4:00 PM, the tow company must return the next business day and another daily storage fee will accrue.

What will I need to get a motorcycle out?

Owner or owner’s agent/designee must present same ownership paperwork as required to drive/tow a vehicle out.

In addition, to drive a motorcycle out, the owner or owner’s agent/designee must present a valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement.

A motorcycle may be pushed out of the gate and loaded on a trailer in the parking lot if the owner does not have a motorcycle endorsement, or if the motorcycle will not start but will roll.

If the motorcycle will not start or roll, it must be towed out.

My insurance company is taking the vehicle, what do I have to do?

See above for instructions on designating someone other than the owner to claim the vehicle.

What if I just want to get my property out?

We assume all property inside a vehicle belongs to the owner of the vehicle unless there is evidence of other ownership. You will need to show proof of ownership of the vehicle to claim personal property.

If you are not the owner of the vehicle, but have items inside the vehicle, you can do one of the following:

  • If your name is on the property or you have other verifiable proof of ownership, you can show valid ID and we will remove the item for you.
  • You can present a signed, notarized statement from the vehicle owner giving you permission to remove items from the vehicle, along with the ownership paperwork in the name of the owner.
  • The vehicle owner can email with a statement indicating your name, what they are allowing you to retrieve from the vehicle (or all items), a copy of their Photo ID, and ownership paperwork in their name.
Personal Property Release Procedures
  • 15 minute time limit
  • One-time only visit
  • No removal of anything that belongs or is attached to the vehicle (nailed, wired, bolted, screwed, etc.)
  • No Personal Property releases after 3:30 PM.

My vehicle won’t start, what are my options?

If your vehicle will not start on the lot, you may bring in a jump-box to attempt to jump start the battery. If this does not work, you must have your vehicle towed.

In the interest of safety, and the concern for liability and environmental reasons you may not change tires, replace the battery, add, or remove any fluids (including gasoline), and you may not drive another vehicle in to jump-start your vehicle. You may not push your vehicle off the lot or push-start your vehicle.

If your vehicle is deemed not drivable for any reason, it must be towed out.

The owner is deceased, how can I get the vehicle/property out?

View Requirements for Release when Owner is Deceased

My spouse alone is the titled/registered owner of the vehicle. Can I claim the vehicle without my spouse being present?

No. Even though Colorado is a Community Property State it does not extend to the release of impounded vehicles. Our policies are in place to protect the interest of the vehicle owner. We are unable to establish or verify the status of your relationship or any pending divorce actions or property settlements.

Your spouse can authorize you to claim the vehicle (or property within): See above for instructions on designating someone other than the owner to claim the vehicle.


After the legally required holding period, unclaimed vehicles meeting the criteria for disposal are auctioned per state and local laws and regulations. Unclaimed vehicles are either auctioned through, or sold as scrap pursuant to state and local laws and regulations.

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle you must go through, individual sales are not conducted at the Impound Lot.

All vehicles listed on our website towed and impounded by the Colorado Springs Police Department or Neighborhood Services (Abandoned Vehicles) show the date they will be auctioned if they are not claimed by the legal owner/representative. These dates are real-time and serve as the “notice of auction date”, in addition to the letter mailed to the last known address (as recorded in state vehicle databases) of the registered owner and/or lienholder as required by municipal ordinance.

Once a vehicle is offered for auction, it is no longer subject to claim by an owner/interested party.

If you have a vehicle at impound that is sold at auction, you are not responsible for any fees from the impoundment of that vehicle.

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