Impound Fees & Pickup Requirements

  • For hours of operation please visit the Impound HOME page.

Requirements for Pickup

The Impound facility may have digital documentation on file from the Department of Revenue (DMV). Bring any documents you have with you to your visit to the Impound, but if you do not have the documentation, consult with the Impound staff on what documentation you may need to provide.

To Drive Out, the owner must provide
  • Valid Registration
  • Valid Insurance (digital accepted)
  • Valid Driver's License

Registration must match plates on the vehicle. Claimant must be listed on registration (includes married persons). See below for Claim by Someone Other Than Owner.

To Tow Out, the owner must provide
  • Valid Registration OR Title
  • Valid Identification
  • PUC licensed tow truck. Tow truck must arrive at the Impound Facility before 4:00 PM
To retrieve personal property from a vehicle, the owner must provide
  • Valid Registration or Title
  • Valid Identification
  • Property will not be released after 3:30 PM
Claim by Someone Other Than Owner

Owners may designate an authorized agent to retrieve the vehicle or property. Owner’s agent/designee must present:

  1. Vehicle ownership paperwork:
    • Valid Registration (if driving out)
    • Valid Registration or Title (if having towed out)
    • OR, confirm a digital version is on file with the Impound facility
  2. Owner authorization (one of the below):
    • Power of Attorney or Notarized statement from the owner giving permission to remove the vehicle or property from the Impound facility.
    • Owners may email the Impound facility ( in advance a copy of their Valid ID or DL, along with a statement authorizing release of vehicle and/or property to a particular individual. Include Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in email for reference.
    • If you do not have any of the above owner authorization available, contact the Impound facility for further guidance.
    • Vehicles titled in a business name can be released with documentation authorizing the individual claiming the vehicle (notarized statement on letterhead giving permission for individual to obtain vehicle, or business representative listed on Secretary of State business search).

Impound Lot Fees

Fee Cost
Impound Fee $46.75
Storage Fee (per day) $30.00
Towing Charge (per tow truck) $200.00/Hour Minimum (based on GVWR)
The maximum hourly rates for tow truck and driver after January 1, 2018 will be billable in ¼ hour increments after the first hour per PUC regulations.
*** Fees are subject to change and represent a minimum charge. Additional towing services may incur additional fees. Please use the fee search by VIN for exact fees of a specific vehicle.